Friday, May 15, 2009

Home is where the heart is...

There are quite a few kids in our condominium and we get together regularly.  Above are Mino's friends, Aina, Maria, Haruka, and Takumi (left to right).  It's been so much fun hanging out with them.  If we hear someone playing downstairs by the pool, we'll come out and join them.  They come up and ask to borrow our shoyu sometimes.  Never thought we could have a little "good ol' days of countryside" here in the midst of Honolulu.

Mino Monster is growing!

Mino just had a field trip with the preschool.  We had so much fun at the zoo.
All the girls took turns pushing her stroller and made sure she was happy by feeding her snack, giving her a water bottle, and teaching her about the animals.  I feel so lucky to have  these little "helpers".  I wish I could hire them to come to our house to help me.  

Mino started preschool in February and it's been such a wonderful experience for her.  She's learned a lot from each one of her friends and now she can speak 2 word sentences.  She can even say a 3 word sentence.  Actually only "I SEE YOU" though.  
Anyways she's learning and growing.  I love her innocent curiosity and it's been such joy just being with her.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Mino and Kai

This is Mino and her friend, Kai.  Mino loves Kai.
Mino calls him "Tai" because she can't pronounce the sound "K".
He's such a cute and bright little boy.
Whenever I drop his name like "Do you want to go see Kai?" she's super excited.  

Yesterday in the nursery, she got frustrated with something and hit him and then she even bit his arm.  I scolded her and told her to say sorry to him.  
He didn't hit her back or cry.  He just waited for her to say sorry patiently and when she finally said sorry, he patted her head and gave her a hug.  
What other one year old boy could do this?  I was just amazed.  
We're still working on her not to hit or bite anyone even when she gets upset.  It's taking a while...  Oh well...

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mommy is a Washing Machine!

We used to wash clothes only once a week and it was enough but since she's been born, the loads of laundry has been doubled or even tripled.  
She loves to dive into a pile of laundry freshly taken out of the dryer.  I sit next to her and fold the clothes while she watches Elmo DVD.  Then she jumps on the clothes that were folded nicely afterwards.  
I like folding her clothes.  They're so little and cute.  


Our Little Getaway to Waikiki

We stayed at Hilton Grand Waikikian last weekend.  We live only 10 minutes away from there but it was still a nice getaway.  The beach was right there and the room was super nice.  

They have some really nice swimming pools and they even had water slides.  We got to take Mino on the small slide.  She loved it so much that she kept asking to go back so we went back at least 5, 6 times.  

Then we moved over to the beach which is right next to the pool later on.  We spent 3hrs there I think.  
This is actually a man made lagoon that she's in so the water was a little cold.  But it didn't stop her from having so much fun.  She dove in, jumped around, splashed the water, and drunk some.  She just could not get enough of it.  


And sure enough this is what happened afterwards.  And the funny thing was she was ready to jump back into the water when she woke up.  She was asking for more "wa-ta".

There was a big block party in Waikiki that night so we walked around, had some noodles, enjoyed  the music they were playing.  All in all we had a great time.  

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So much love!

Here is Mino & Keali'i.  They're exactly 3 months apart and they're buddies.  
They both love Elmo and Anpanman so most of their conversations involve Elmo or Anapanman.  
I love watching them play together and entertain each other.  They're so cute!

Awwwwwwwwww so cute how they cuddle each other.  

Wait!  They're not cuddling.  They're wrestling...
Hope Mino wasn't choking Keali'i.  Sorry Keali'i, she's a little too much sometimes.
I think she scared him when they first met because he was running away from her.  Since they've been seeing each other quite often, it seems like he's gotten used to her being all over him now.
She could be overbearing at times, but we're working on that.  

Friday, April 10, 2009

We love Easter!

Mino was sick for the last few days and we were pretty much homebound.  We read lots of books, watched Elmo DVD's, played her little toy piano together, talked to Baaba (her grandma) on Skype... we pretty much did everything we could do at home and we were bored.
Poor Mino baby.   

On Monday, our dear friends, Pili and David came to drop off this Easter basket for Mino while we were cooked up in the house.  There were home made chex mix and rice crispy treat.  Oh boy was she excited?   They made her day.